Bounce Back Promotion

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DEFINED TERMS The “Bounce Back Bonus” promotional terms are outlined below. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Player Experience Team.
OVERVIEW: Deposit, buy credits, and play at least $20 to qualify for 10% back in Freeplay Credits on “Total Net Loss” calculated at the end of the promotional period. Any qualifying Patron will receive 10% back of the value of their “Total Net Loss”. The minimum bonus is $1 in Freeplay and the maximum bonus is $100 in Freeplay.
“Total Net Loss” will be calculated for the total promotional period and time frame specified within the DATE, TIME, AND PROMOTIONAL PERIOD section of these terms.

  • “Deposit” is defined as real money cash that the Patron has deposited into their registered player account.
  • “Revealed Total Net Loss” is defined as total credits played minus wins during the promotional period.
  • “Play” is defined as the total credits revealed during the promotional period.
  • “Buy credits” is defined as total credit packages purchased during the promotional period.
  • If the Freeplay bonus exceeds $1, the bonus amount will be rounded down to the nearest $1.
  • The minimum Freeplay bonus of this promotion is $1.

  • DATE, TIME, AND PROMOTIONAL PERIOD ● Bounce Back Bonus (“Promotion”) will run Saturday and Sunday each week, starting Saturday at 12:00am PT and ending Sunday, at 11:59pm PT (“Promotional Period”). The Promotion begins on Saturday, April 20th, 2024 at 12:00am PT and ends on Sunday, June 2nd, 2024 at 11:59pm PT (“Duration of Promotion”).

  • ●  To enter the Promotion, you must be 21 years or over, a registered patron of Horseplay (“Patron”), and located in a state where Horseplay is regulated and operated within the United States of America.
  • ●  Patron must have previously accepted the “Terms and Conditions” (
  • ●  Closure of your Patron account prior to or during the promotional period or before the Freeplay is credited to your Patron account will disqualify you from this Promotion and you will not be eligible to receive a bonus.
  • ●  During the promotional period, Patrons must deposit, buy credits, and play at least $20 in order to qualify for 10% back on “Revealed Total Net Loss”.
  • ●  Freeplay will only be awarded on activity where a deposit was made, credits were purchased, and those credits were fully played. The 10% back will be calculated on “Revealed Total Net Loss” during the promotional period.
  • ●  “Revealed Total Net Loss” is equal to the Patron’s Total Credits Played minus the Patron’s Total Revealed Winnings from the start of the promotional period to the end of the promotional period.
  • ●  The “Revealed Total Net Loss” during the total promotional period must be equal to or greater than $10 in order to qualify for the minimum Freeplay Bonus of $1.
  • ●  Patrons can earn a maximum Freeplay Bonus of $100 in Freeplay Credits at the end of the Promotional Period.
  • ●  “Total Winnings” is defined to include all Freeplay won by a Patron from their “Play” during the promotional period.
  • ●  If a Patron deposits $100, purchases $250 in credit packages, and plays $250 in credits, they have met the minimum requirement to earn 10% back on any “Revealed Total Net Loss” during the promotional period.
  • ●  If the Patron plays through $250 in credits and their “Revealed Total Net Loss” is $65, the Patron will qualify for a Freeplay Bonus of $6.50. The bonus will be rounded down to the nearest $1 giving a Freeplay Bonus of $6.
  • ●  Freeplay Credits earned, as applicable, will be credited to Patrons’ accounts within one (1) business day of the promotional period ending. In case of technical issues, the bonus will be credited within five (5) business days.
  • ●  Any cash won from the Freeplay Credits awarded from this Promotion will be withdrawable, subject to a minimum withdrawal.
  • ●  The Promotion can be accessed through or via the iOS app.
  • ●  You must meet the eligibility and qualifying requirements to participate in this Promotion.
  • ●  Games played in demo mode are excluded from this Promotion.
  • ●  Management of Horseplay will be the sole determiner of eligibility and all disputes will be resolved at Horseplay’s sole discretion.
  • ●  Horseplay reserves the right to cancel or change this Promotion at any time at their discretion without notice or cause. All dates and times are subject to change.
  • ●  Horseplay is not liable for any program malfunctions resulting in an invalid value.
  • ●  Horseplay reserves the right to void this offer for any individual who violates any and all of the rules within

  • ●  Any applicable taxes, fees, or other charges are the responsibility of qualifying Patrons.

  • ●  This Promotion is void where prohibited by law.

  • ●  Entries and prizes are subject to availability, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable.

  • ●  Winners agree to Horseplay’s use of their name, likeness, and/or prize information for promotional purposes in any medium without additional compensation to the extent permitted by law.