The "INSTANT PLAY" Marketing Promotion & Service

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The following terms and conditions shall apply to the “Instant Play” Marketing Promotion & Service (the “Promotion”) being offered by Game Play Network, Inc. (“GPN” or “Horseplay”) to all Account Holders.

  1. Defined Terms; Duration of Promotion. Any undefined capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the Horseplay Terms of Use. Horseplay may suspend, discontinue, or modify the Promotion at any time for any reason.
  1. Instant Play Benefits. In order to access the benefits of the Promotion, Account Holders purchase wagers consisting of one or more bets on live horse racing events in pari-mutuel betting pools. Since the bets are placed on live horse races, there is an inherent delay between the placing of those wagers and then determining the official results of those races in order to reveal said results via game play through the Service. The purpose of the Promotion is to expedite the delivery of wagers to an Account Holder in order to play games immediately, thereby improving their experience with the Horseplay Service. A player’s first wager with Horseplay may not be subject to the Promotion and may be subject to delay.
  1. Eligibility. To be eligible for the Promotion, an Account Holder must agree to these terms and conditions. By doing so, the player hereby authorizes Horseplay to create a Instant Play Reserve Account (“Reserve Account”) in which Horseplay may, at its sole discretion from time to time, (i) advance funds in order to place wagers on a player’s behalf for future use via the Instant Play marketing promotion & service (the “Reserved Wagers”), and (ii) store those Reserved Wagers in the Reserve Account until claimed or forfeited by the player. The player claims Reserved Wagers when the player buys new wagers; this claiming process then moves the Reserved Wagers (in an amount not greater than the new purchased wagers) from the Reserve Account into the wager account for immediate game play. The Promotion may not be available in a player’s state and is void where prohibited by law.
  1. Instant Play Restrictions. A player is not eligible for the Promotion if the player clicks the Wager Details link (which allows you to view the Wager Details of an upcoming race) and chooses to wager on the selected, upcoming race.   As such, if a player clicks on the Wager Details link in connection with any purchase/claim of a Reserved Wager and chooses to wager via the Wager Details link, that purchase will (i) not trigger a claim for any Reserve Wagers, and (ii) automatically terminate the Promotion for that specific purchase. If a player chooses to wager via the Wager Details link at any time, the player will still be eligible to participate in the Promotion for future wagers.

  2. Disputes. Horseplay reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to the Promotion, and its decisions shall be final.
  1. Other Terms. Horseplay, in its sole and absolute discretion, may remove any unclaimed Reserved Wagers, or deem any or all of them to be forfeited, at any time and from time to time and/or if the player does not claim them within seven days (7) from the time the Reserved Wager is created. The player’s Account will not reflect any winnings from any unclaimed or forfeited Reserved Wagers. All unclaimed or forfeited Reserved Wagers will be used by Horseplay as promotional consideration with new or existing customers, at its sole discretion. The player will not be subject to any IRS reporting and/or withholding requirements with respect to any unclaimed or forfeited Reserved Wagers. A player may opt out of this Promotion at any time by calling Customer Service at (844) 462-7768. Additionally, a player immediately forfeits all Reserved Wagers in the player’s account if: (i) that player’s Horseplay account is deemed suspended or dormant for more than six (6) months; (ii) that Horseplay player’s account is closed by the player or Horseplay; or (iii) that player’s account status changes to ‘denied’.

The Horseplay Terms of Use govern this Promotion and your use of the Horseplay Service.Horseplay may disqualify any person from this Promotion in the event that the person: (i) violates the Terms of Use; (ii) engages in fraudulent or deceptive behavior; and/or (iii) attempts to defeat or circumvent any of the promotional rules or restrictions.